Friday, April 30, 2021

Special Feature:
1989 Batman Fan-made Game Demo!

This is just unreal! A group of fans are working on their own game inspired by the Burton Batman films... and the results are INSANE! Take a look at this recently posted trailer from youtube to see what they have cooking. And if any of those involved are reading this- BRAVO! The mapping of Gotham is particularly impressive (and this is coming from someone who knows what a task it is to make sense of the city). If you ever feel like chatting about it, hit me up at

1 comment:

  1. I saw that on Facebook! Totally made my day- nay, week! I was absolutely stunned by how detailed and accurate that looked... Everything was just spot on!
    It would be amazing to have a playable copy of that. I would walk around for hours in those Gotham streets ...
    It really is the closest thing we'd ever get to being transported back to '88/'89 Pinewood. :D

    We already got a glimpse of being able to play as the Keaton Batman and driving around in the 1989 Batmobile in Arkham Knight, but that still somehow felt as the 'Arkham' Batman dressed up in the Keaton suit.
    This Batman here really looks and moves like Keaton! Like I said- spot on!

    I really hope this will turn some heads at WB... I'm keeping my fingers crossed!