Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Toy Review:
Superman & Lois Lane Action Figure 2-Pack
DC Collectibles Superman The Animated Series Release #01

Hello again! Another objective I have for the site this year is to go back and finish reviewing many of the Batman toy lines- Kenner, Mattel, DC Collectibles, etc. The first one I'd like to tackle is the one I have done the least of actually. :) We only managed to review 3 of the DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series releases! I want to change that... so starting now, I plan to review EVERY release in the DC Collectibles Animated Universe lines. My goal is to start at release #01 and work my way through the entire line. The format will be a bit different. First- It will be just me doing the reviews. The boys (I mean "young men") are sometimes busier than I am, so getting all 3 of us together for a review is problematic. Second, I am foregoing doing the pictures as they are a time-eater. So it will be just a short video review of each release. And since I am starting at #1, this means I will be re-reviewing the three we already tackled so that all the reviews match in format (but don't worry, those original reviews will still be here too). To get my juices flowing, I decided to start with the Superman The Animated Series Superman & Lois Lane 2-pack, as this is the only release under the STAS branding. Enjoy! And please head over and subscribe to my youtube channel to follow along with the reviews!

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