Friday, April 26, 2013

For Your Listening Pleasure:
The Action Features Podcast
1989 Batman Discussion Part 1

Hey all! Something a little different today... As some of you may or may not know, I am involved with a few different blogs/ web projects. One of these is Action Features, a site covering comics, toys, movies, cartoons, etc. Action Features is also home to the podcast I do with my good friend Mike Beckett. Each episode covers various things in pop culture; One episode might be about our favorite cereals from the 80's, while another will be our top 5 movie tough guys. For our 38th (and upcoming 39th) episode, we spend an hour sharing our thoughts on the 1989 Batman film. I thought some of you might enjoy checking it out. :) Here is the intro from the Action Features home page:

Action Features Episode 38: The One Where We Dance With The Devil By The Pale Moonlight Part 1

They want you to do them a favor... They want you to tell all your friends about them. That's right folks- It is time for the Action Features 1989 Batman episode! In this installment, James & Mike spend pretty much the entire hour sharing their thoughts on the classic Tim Burton Batman film. Memories are shared, opinions are revealed, and unabashed gushing ensues. And even at an hour, this episode wasn't long enough to cover everything they wanted to say about one of their favorite flicks... So after you finish this episode, tune in 2 weeks later for the sequel! For now though... Grab your batarangs, rev up your Batmobile, and get ready to let Vicki know she weighs a little more than 108- Time for Action Features.

The podcast is available through the iTunes podcast app, or you can use these links to listen to it right here:

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Our style may not be for everyone, and I know an hour is a lot to ask for folks to listen to, so don't feel like you'll offend me by not checking it out. :) I just figured some folks might enjoy hearing a couple of fellow fans ramble on about the film...


  1. Ha! Thanks for giving me a mention at the end! :)

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