Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Special Feature:
"Rescued From The Gotham City Set!"

As a follow-up to the "Exploring Gotham City" feature, Mark Jones (who took all the wonderful pictures of the Pinewood Studios set) has been kind enough to share these pictures of some of the items he "rescued" while he was there! I'll let Mark fill you in on what came home with him...

I did manage to get some stuff when I was there! I pulled this 'Gerrolds of Gotham City' shop opening times sign (which I still have) off of the shop's window-:

 photo gerrolds_zpsfd6d6199.jpg

This vodka sign also came from one of the set walls-

 photo vodka_zps0bdb331a.jpg

I have this next piece framed on my bedroom wall. I pulled this off a wall while I was there, hoping that it might be in the film-

 photo sign2_zpsc6fcb14f.jpg

It was one of two attached to the wall. You can actually see them in the background in this shot of Vicki getting out of her car-

 photo sign1_zpsfa76acf0.jpg

I also took home an "Eros Theatre" sign, but it has sadly been lost over the years. Here is an old picture of it residing on my wall-

 photo eros_zps9abb7f02.jpg

This next shot showcases a few of the actual pieces of the set I managed to get while I was there! The long curved piece was part of the set decoration on the Flugelheim Museum, while the plaster bits are from Gotham City Hall.

 photo concrete_zpsa0024dc3.jpg

Lastly, this group of pictures showcases the bank notes (dollar bills for us in America- James) I picked up while I was there. This is the money that Joker and his goons showered the Gotham crowd with during his parade!

 photo money4_zps9470b962.jpg

Note the 'Motion Picture Use Only' printed on them:

 photo money2_zpsa30b31a5.jpg

 photo money1_zpsa2852a8d.jpg

 photo money3_zpsb3c78082.jpg

Great stuff Mark! And not only was Mark kind enough to share these additional pictures and backstory with me, but he also sent me these in the mail...

 photo bmprops_zpsfd94d29f.jpg

Needless to say, this Joker dollar and Gotham City Wall chunk are now the highlights of my collection! Again, I can't thank Mark enough not only for these gifts, but also for sharing his wonderful relics & memories of the Gotham City Set with all of us! Thanks Mark!


  1. In the comics adaptation (and possibly in the novelisation) and at least one iteration of the script, the bills have Joker's face on them. Not sure if I prefer it being real money or not.

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