Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Joker "I-Scream" Machine
Unproduced Kenner Toy Concept

Here is another little Kenner oddity I wanted to share with you guys...

 photo jokerscream1_zps0b05f2e4.jpg

I picked up this Kenner reference photo of artwork for an unproduced Joker "I-Scream" Machine vehicle awhile back. This toy obviously didn't make it into production, but the artwork shows how cool it might have been if it had! The vehicle would have appeared as an innocent ice cream wagon in "standard" mode, complete with umbrella and "happy clown" face up front. Once the sides open up though, the wagon switches into "Heli-jet" mode, with the umbrella becoming a rotor and the clown face morphing into Joker's visage.

Cost and time may have played a factor in this vehicle not making it into production. The art is dated October of 1989. By the time Kenner went into production on the Dark Knight Collection, the "I-Scream" Machine may not have been far enough along for production, or it may have been deemed too costly. Given that many of the Dark Knight Collection vehicles were re-purposed molds from other lines, it is very possible that the resources simply weren't there for a unique vehicle like the "I-Scream" machine to ever see the light of day...

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