Monday, May 6, 2013

Vintage Magazine Article:
"All Star Action Heroes" Issue #1

 photo actionheroes1_zps4e9a10a9.jpg

An article on a many aspects of the film from Starlog's "All Star Action Heroes" Issue #1. Not a ton of info here that you wouldn't find elsewhere, but it is laid out well and makes for a fun read...

 photo actionheroes2_zps9306fee8.jpg

 photo actionheroes3_zps91d812d6.jpg

 photo actionheroes4_zps0677d0a7.jpg

 photo actionheroes5_zpsa04788ad.jpg

 photo actionheroes6_zps38b13099.jpg

 photo actionheroes7_zps981529b7.jpg

 photo actionheroes8_zps265258fe.jpg

 photo actionheroes9_zps4e8badb7.jpg

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