Thursday, July 11, 2013

Merchandise Spotlight:
Bola Bullet
Kenner Batman Dark Knight Collection Vehicle

 photo bolabullet20_zps00506faf.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo bolabullet9_zps80161af5.jpg

 photo bolabullet26_zps37bba15f.jpg

 photo bolabullet21_zps1b42e68e.jpg

 photo bolabullet24_zpsb88eaa76.jpg

 photo bolabullet22_zps253216e1.jpg

 photo bolabullet23_zps6f4f0320.jpg

 photo bolabullet25_zpsf62d8f39.jpg

 photo bolabullet19_zpsdb2f99b4.jpg

 photo bolabullet16_zps6b7355c9.jpg

 photo bolabullet18_zps2ffe6cad.jpg

 photo bolabullet10_zps005c137d.jpg

 photo bolabullet11_zps2942472f.jpg

 photo bolabullet13_zps34c9b4d9.jpg

 photo bolabullet17_zps4dc81f77.jpg

 photo bolabullet15_zps5bd927c2.jpg

 photo bolabullet1_zpsd83ee85d.jpg

 photo bolabullet12_zps0c1c6ad5.jpg

 photo bolabullet2_zpsdc7901cb.jpg

 photo bolabullet14_zps7f91b8b3.jpg

 photo bolabullet8_zpsf6680d17.jpg

 photo bolabullet7_zps47d25f5b.jpg

 photo bolabullet6_zps12f08e98.jpg

 photo bolabullet3_zpsc3d58d69.jpg

 photo bolabullet5_zps88cf9241.jpg

 photo bolabullet4_zpsf3a3a80b.jpg

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