Friday, July 12, 2013

Merchandise Spotlight:
Laser Batman
Kenner Batman Returns Figure

 photo laserbats22_zps1e6e21fd.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo laserbats5_zpse7a032df.jpg

 photo laserbats27_zps218d633e.jpg

 photo laserbats24_zpsf626380d.jpg

 photo laserbats25_zpscdecbb86.jpg

 photo laserbats23_zpsf8729e0a.jpg

 photo laserbats26_zps81a87d05.jpg

 photo laserbats21_zps001a188f.jpg

 photo laserbats20_zps481cca5b.jpg

 photo laserbats19_zps092ca9f5.jpg

 photo laserbats18_zpsce39e56d.jpg

 photo laserbats15_zpsd7fbc9bd.jpg

 photo laserbats14_zpsdc7d8410.jpg

 photo laserbats13_zpsea0d48d0.jpg

 photo laserbats12_zpsa8e7b7a4.jpg

 photo laserbats11_zps9c892961.jpg

 photo laserbats10_zpse13d087d.jpg

 photo laserbats9_zpsf76718a7.jpg

 photo laserbats8_zpsc30bb31e.jpg

 photo laserbats7_zpsb631a120.jpg

 photo laserbats17_zpsc6f8ed52.jpg

 photo laserbats2_zps48d6fcd8.jpg

 photo laserbats6_zps0f6a9a83.jpg

 photo laserbats16_zpsa1795489.jpg

 photo laserbats3_zps1586d618.jpg

 photo laserbats4_zpsf22a31fd.jpg

 photo laserbats1_zpsca87aa60.jpg

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