Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Merchandise Spotlight:
Shadow Wing Batman
Kenner Batman Dark Knight Collection /
Batman Returns Figure

 photo swbats17_zpsb3b35190.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo swbats3_zps1bec51a2.jpg

 photo swbats26_zpsa413bd4c.jpg

 photo swbats25_zps7cfb2698.jpg

 photo swbats24_zpsc073ea7e.jpg

 photo swbats23_zps69a7f13d.jpg

 photo swbats22_zpsad99081a.jpg

 photo swbats20_zps9850b9a3.jpg

 photo swbats21_zps07042f8b.jpg

 photo swbats19_zpsf6a87c5a.jpg

 photo swbats16_zps76dbae6a.jpg

 photo swbats15_zps4b070597.jpg

 photo swbats13_zps14264f0b.jpg

 photo swbats4_zps90f8548f.jpg

 photo swbats10_zps364f5592.jpg

 photo swbats9_zps9c0c4131.jpg

 photo swbats7_zps99e8d520.jpg

 photo swbats8_zpse005918a.jpg

 photo swbats5_zpse3091b4d.jpg

 photo swbats6_zps65c35140.jpg

 photo swbats12_zpsca5662a4.jpg

 photo swbats11_zpse20094bc.jpg

 photo swbats14_zpsf73f1654.jpg

 photo swbats1_zpsc4aac890.jpg

 photo swbats2_zps0bf7c220.jpg

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