Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Special Features:
The 1989 Batman Style Kit

Back in 1989, LCA Entertainment created this "Batman Style Kit" to assist licensees in maintaining a uniform look across all the Batman movie tie-in merchandise. Companies would use the information and images shown here in the design of their product, creating a look that was unmistakably "Batman". The kit is presented here in its entirety... Enjoy!

 photo styleguide1_zpsd294db38.jpg

 photo styleguide2_zpsaedb0350.jpg

 photo styleguide7_zps0d9235a8.jpg

 photo styleguide3_zps8ab7e062.jpg

 photo styleguide6_zps4dc9f98b.jpg

 photo styleguide8_zpsb6883daa.jpg

 photo styleguide4_zps113e3b16.jpg

 photo styleguide5_zpse9ab35ac.jpg

 photo styleguide11_zps9372fba6.jpg

 photo styleguide12_zps32da8341.jpg

 photo styleguide10_zps24c50d97.jpg

 photo styleguide9_zpsf5101652.jpg

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  1. Love that movie. Jack Nicholson is a great Joker. He, Cesar Romero, Mark Hamil, and Heath Ledger are the good Jokers.