Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vintage Newspaper Clipping:
New York's Daily News Magazine
"A Batman For All Seasons"
June 4, 1989

 photo dnm1_zps39a4ed2d.jpg

This article from the June 4, 1989 edition of New York's Daily News Magazine takes a look at the Batman character's first 50 years of development and how that history would relate to his big screen incarnation in '89. A pretty uncommon and fascinating read- Definitely not your standard news article fare. And how about that cover! Fantastic use of Jerry Ordway's art from DC Comics' movie adaption!

 photo dnm2_zps09a1192f.jpg

Don't strain your eyes too much trying to read the article on these full page scans this time! I've added larger scans of just the text elements after the full article.

 photo dnm3_zps461ea578.jpg

 photo dnm4_zps491f216c.jpg

 photo dnm5_zps13ee91b6.jpg

 photo dnm6_zpsbcee32b2.jpg

...and here are the large text scans-

 photo dnmzoom1_zps7f382481.jpg

 photo dnmzoom2_zpsb48ef5cd.jpg

 photo dnmzoom3_zps7c1c23bd.jpg

 photo dnmzoom4_zps4805e1ab.jpg

 photo dnmzoom5_zpsc1bc9dd8.jpg

 photo dnmzoom6_zps855ebe4e.jpg

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