Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Merchandise Spotlight:
Warner Bros. Catalog
1992 Summer Edition

Most folks know of the 1989 edition of the Warner Brothers catalog from the VHS commercial, but did you know WB had a plethora of product available in catalog form for Batman Returns as well? Presented here are all the Batman-related pages from the 1992 Summer Edition of the Warner Bros catalog- Featuring more 90's inspired Bat-fashion and high-end Penguin paraphernalia than you can shake a cat at! Boy do I wish I could have afforded one of those Keaton autographed posters back then...

 photo wbcat1_zpse75e3842.jpg

 photo wbcat2_zpsfd0780c2.jpg

 photo wbcat3_zps2670cbc9.jpg

 photo wbcat4_zpsff9439dd.jpg

 photo wbcat5_zps4dea37f5.jpg

 photo wbcat6_zps2113152f.jpg

 photo wbcat7_zps3f98bc70.jpg

 photo wbcat8_zps395cdc1e.jpg

 photo wbcat9_zps83c330fe.jpg

 photo wbcat10_zps001b6773.jpg

 photo wbcat11_zps1ff08d7d.jpg

By the way- I have seen this catalog available with a solo Batman cover as well. If anyone reading this has that one, shoot me an e-mail at james@1989batman.com and let me know if the contents are any different please!

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