Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Film Threat" Issue #5
August 1992

Issue 5 of Film Threat magazine included quite a bit of Batman Returns related content. The main article features a fascinating "from the time" look at plot elements rumored to appear in the then-upcoming film, while featured sidebars offer a wide range of reading for a Bat-fan: What happened to Billy Dee Williams? Who had more kills in the first film, Batman or Joker? What was it like being an extra on the set? All this and more can be found in the following scans.... (WARNING! There is a little bit of semi-strong language mixed in here!)

 photo filmthreat1_zps51f4eab8.jpg

 photo filmthreat2_zps100d9cec.jpg

 photo filmthreat3_zpscf5c5d4e.jpg

 photo filmthreat4_zps246339db.jpg

 photo filmthreat5_zps582c115d.jpg

 photo filmthreat6_zps2e80c0a5.jpg

 photo filmthreat7_zps639c43f5.jpg

 photo filmthreat8_zpsfba4332c.jpg

 photo filmthreat9_zps1f871ee6.jpg

 photo filmthreat10_zpsf3ce6a75.jpg

 photo filmthreat11_zps60d54a98.jpg

 photo filmthreat12_zps6098dab9.jpg

 photo filmthreat13_zps47accd93.jpg

 photo filmthreat14_zps03a15c0c.jpg

 photo filmthreat15_zps8a6d10ef.jpg

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