Saturday, December 7, 2013

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Comics Scene" Issue #3
July 1988

There are so many things I love about this article from the July '88 issue of Comics Scene: It is from the early days of the Burton Batman-hype, it pre-dates casting choices but yet features a picture of BOTH Nicholson & Keaton, and it gives a little more detail on the abandoned Burton script. But my favorite element of all has to be this quote from writer Sam Hamm about the story structure he employed for Batman-

"The script's only real innovation as far as I was concerned was to start the story outside the point he's Batman and viewing him in a very splintered viewpoint among several characters, dealing with Batman as an external phenomenon and not watching his boring genesis."

That is one of my favorite elements about the film, and the one that puts it head and shoulders above any other film interpretation of the character in my eyes...

 photo comicsscene1_zps125a437c.jpg

 photo comicsscene2_zpsf0c8b17f.jpg

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