Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Merchandise Preview:
Sideshow Collectibles
Michael Keaton 1989 Film Version
Batman Premium Format Figure

Sideshow debuted full pictures and pricing for their 1/4th scale Michael Keaton Batman Premium Format Figure today! From Sideshow:

From the film that redefined Batman for a new generation, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Michael Keaton 1989 Batman Premium Format™ Figure.

Beneath the vast estate of Wayne Manor, millionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne transforms into his crime-fighting alter ego, and descends an iron staircase inhabited by bats into the hidden sanctuary of the Batcave.

 photo sskeats1_zps9ac5c329.jpg

 photo sskeats2_zps4cc8ae2f.jpg

 photo sskeats3_zps9255c343.jpg

 photo sskeats4_zpsaf4e0ec3.jpg

Crafted in 1:4 scale, this dynamic statue captures actor Michael Keaton’s quintessential portrayal of Batman with a stunning portrait likeness. He is fitted in a screen-accurate sculpted replica of the iconic costume, featuring the yellow oval bat emblem, utility belt and fabric cape.

 photo sskeats5_zps2d3191bb.jpg

 photo sskeats6_zps2bdb5e91.jpg

 photo sskeats7_zpsa5312584.jpg

The Sideshow Exclusive edition will include an additional swap out hand with Batman’s grapple gun (shown below), an accessory which notably made it’s first appearance in the 1989 film, before it was later adapted into the comics.

 photo sskeats9_zps14e476fe.jpg

 photo sskeats8_zps00428531.jpg

The regular and Exclusive editions of the Michael Keaton 1989 Film Version Batman Premium Format™ Figure will each be priced at $399.99, with flexible payment plan options available. Pre-orders will begin on January 23rd, when we shine the signal in our weekly Sideshow Newsletter.

They also uploaded this "Production Peek" video...

I will be there on pre-order day... Will you?


  1. Great review, though I think the mouth is still not like Keaton's, but a nice figure nonetheless.

    Love the site, think it has a look that evokes the '89 movie and it's nice to find somewhere that fans can share their passion for it.

    Still the best after 25 years! Much better than many that followed, eh Joel Schumacher?!