Monday, January 20, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Comics Scene" #14
August 1990

Today's post features another great interview from Comics Scene magazine! Quite a gem this time too, as this is an interviewee that didn't pop up much during the heyday of Batmania '89- Screenwriter Warren Skaaren. Skaaren would sadly pass away just a few short months after this magazine hit, making this one of his final printed interviews. Read on to find out Skaaren's thoughts on his changes to Sam Hamm's original script, the missing "Knox as Batman" scene, Robin's omission, and the possibilities of sequels for both Batman & Beetlejuice...

 photo comicsscene1_zps34f5d818.jpg

 photo comicsscene2_zps5e5b335d.jpg

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