Friday, January 17, 2014

Video Feature:
Batman- The Cereal Commercial

Today's vintage video feature is one near and dear to my heart... or should I say stomach? This commercial for Batman- The Cereal pretty much has it all- Shots from the film, an ominous voice over telling of the Dark Knight's unending quest to bring you breakfast, and Batman making a big ol' mess of his cereal for poor Alfred to clean up.

The Batman Cereal is one of my favorite memories of Batmania '89. When folks ask the age old question "What do you consider the best cereal of all-time?", my answer is ALWAYS the Batman Cereal.

 photo batmancereal2_zps6e677a93.jpg

It wasn't just the fact that this was a Batman cereal (though I am sure that has helped color my memory of it). This was one of the rare tie-in cereals that I actually enjoyed the taste of. My memory has it tasting a bit like Cap'n Crunch, but with more of a honey sweetness. More like Honey Nut Oh's, except without the actual nut pieces.

 photo batmancereal1_zps0087b310.jpg

Then there was the box... Emblazoned with the movie logo (on both sides in some cases), with a history of Batman printed along one side panel. I can't tell you how many mornings I spent reading and re-reading this cardboard treasure.

 photo batmancereal5_zps93558e50.jpg

 photo batmancereal4_zpsf89db422.jpg

 photo batmancereal3_zps90b792ad.jpg

Of course the main draw of a cereal for a kid isn't the taste or the box... It is the prize. Batman the cereal had plenty, from flying discs to comics to posters. But the one that everyone remembers is the big honking plastic Batman bust bank. A cereal premium so big that they had to shrink-wrap it to the front of the box! Sure, the face is just a sticker (compared to the fully sculpted version you'd find with Batman tortilla chips)... But who cares? Batman has got your change locked down.

 photo batmancereal6_zpsd4c3813c.jpg

One of my biggest regrets in life is that I didn't take the time to savor my last bowl of this delicious bat-shaped treat. And yes, I am serious about that. Had I known that my last bowl really would be my last bowl, I'd have done something special for it. But alas... All I have are the memories of this delectable taste treat, and a commercial to open up old wounds. *sigh* If you'll excuse me, I'm off to pick the nuts out of some Honey Nut Oh's so I can cram them into this box...

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  1. Wow, this really takes me back! I too LOVE(D) this cereal. I'll never forget the first time I saw it on the grocery shelf. I think every shopper in there heard my yelp of excitement. Thankfully the cereal itself really was delicious. Not overly sweet and stayed crunchy for quite long time in milk. I still have my Batman bank, but I fear the boxes I saved are long gone. I'm keeping my foolish hope alive that the cereal will get a limited re-release like the General Mills monsters cereals do. What are your thoughts on the Batman Returns cereal? I didn't like it near as much as this one.