Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Topps Batman Returns
Sticker Set & Album

After posting the Topps Batman Official Movie Souvenir Magazine the other day, I realized that the page could really use a section devoted to presenting some of the tie-in publications (like the movie magazines, comics, and trading cards) in their entirety. So if you take a look to your right, you'll see the beginning of this section has elbowed its way into the sidebar. :) The first new entry for this section is the subject of today's post: The Topps Batman Returns Sticker Set & Album. Often lost in the shadow the more prevalent trading cards, the Batman Returns sticker set was no slouch, containing a whopping 66 unique stickers plus an album to house them all! Presented here is the entire set, all at their original size so you can print them out and fill in the gaps in your album at home if you wish...

 photo brsticker1_zps97f9f54c.jpg

 photo brsticker2_zpsddb0b5ee.jpg

 photo brsticker3_zps62c64565.jpg

 photo brsticker4_zps926f6338.jpg

 photo brsticker5_zps6ade8cc8.jpg

 photo brsticker6_zpsc592e1b3.jpg

 photo brsticker7_zpsd650aa84.jpg

 photo brsticker8_zpsbaeadf57.jpg

 photo brsticker9_zps31109193.jpg

 photo brsticker10_zps067ed265.jpg

 photo brsticker11_zpsb8bd363d.jpg

 photo brsticker12_zps0bdefda3.jpg

 photo brsticker13_zps9371c16e.jpg

 photo brsticker14_zpsd57ba913.jpg

 photo brsticker15_zps35382170.jpg

 photo brsticker16_zps28d5655e.jpg

 photo brsticker17_zps6a65fdfc.jpg

 photo brsticker18_zps7c54adf9.jpg

 photo brsticker19_zps21c1f2e3.jpg

 photo brsticker20_zps3fd30efe.jpg

 photo brsticker21_zps4920ff0f.jpg

 photo brsticker22_zps9eec7b59.jpg

 photo brsticker23_zps6d169fa2.jpg

 photo brsticker24_zps320fc944.jpg

 photo brsticker25_zpsbe0bc0c3.jpg

 photo brsticker26_zpsb5d291c4.jpg

 photo brsticker27_zpsd6ed9afd.jpg

 photo brsticker28_zps13b8520a.jpg

 photo brsticker29_zpsa677c3c4.jpg

 photo brsticker30_zpsaed8ea31.jpg

 photo brsticker31_zps2c639b5b.jpg

 photo brsticker32_zps4f6c06a7.jpg

 photo brsticker33_zps06d01d4c.jpg

 photo brsticker34_zpsbd076dae.jpg

 photo brsticker35_zps1fe089af.jpg

 photo brsticker36_zps60f0fb89.jpg

 photo brsticker37_zps5dbf9efb.jpg

 photo brsticker38_zps4038f36e.jpg

 photo brsticker39_zps52e5d736.jpg

 photo brsticker40_zps48e61fd8.jpg

 photo brsticker41_zpsb39ef99a.jpg

 photo brsticker42_zps70dd346b.jpg

 photo brsticker43_zps3d6f4b3c.jpg

 photo brsticker44_zps32a4023f.jpg

 photo brsticker45_zps737083df.jpg

 photo brsticker46_zps4f212c66.jpg

 photo brsticker47_zps5e939266.jpg

 photo brsticker48_zps72bc9254.jpg

 photo brsticker49_zps009d6ccb.jpg

 photo brsticker50_zpsa1e1d21c.jpg

 photo brsticker51_zps4743aa5f.jpg

 photo brsticker52_zpsa5d1f520.jpg

 photo brsticker53_zpsb5478c46.jpg

 photo brsticker54_zps3d53fef6.jpg

 photo brsticker55_zpsc0cd4fcb.jpg

 photo brsticker56_zps091519a2.jpg

 photo brsticker57_zps461ec53b.jpg

 photo brsticker58_zps39830087.jpg

 photo brsticker59_zpsffda0962.jpg

 photo brsticker60_zpsf77e3800.jpg

 photo brsticker61_zps052c3974.jpg

 photo brsticker62_zpse8362c8e.jpg

 photo brsticker63_zpscb99cf1b.jpg

 photo brsticker64_zpsda866107.jpg

 photo brsticker65_zpsb6fb4aba.jpg

 photo brsticker66_zps91016fe4.jpg

And if you don't happen to have the album, here it is all scanned up for you to check out. My apologies for the cut off words here and there... The album was just a smidge bigger than my scanner.

 photo album1_zpse94eb501.jpg

 photo album2_zps3eae05d1.jpg

 photo album3_zps7c3d3cf9.jpg

 photo album4_zpsbc81fe0f.jpg

 photo album5_zps03113b33.jpg

 photo album6_zps42a22353.jpg

 photo album7_zps648a4d7e.jpg

 photo album8_zpsdbcb479c.jpg

 photo album9_zps861623cb.jpg

 photo album10_zpse4be1cfb.jpg

 photo album11_zps2d9b2a00.jpg

 photo album12_zps5aa32c77.jpg

 photo album13_zps5f19d261.jpg

 photo album14_zpsad911df4.jpg

 photo album15_zpsc129ea1d.jpg

 photo album16_zps98047bd4.jpg

 photo album17_zps120bf126.jpg

 photo album18_zpsa43068d7.jpg

 photo album19_zps0ae8abbf.jpg

 photo album20_zps7ca89359.jpg

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