Monday, January 13, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Cinefantastique" May 1989
(Volume 19 Number 4)

With yesterday being the 25th anniversary of the Batman trailer's debut on Entertainment Tonight, I though it would be appropriate to post this editorial from May 1989's Cinefantastique as today's "Vintage Magazine Article". Presented here are 2 views on the trailer: One that believed the trailer should silence the naysayers, and one that still believed that the movie wasn't going to live up to expectations. Enjoy! Oh... and spoiler warning- The second guy ended up being wrong. ;)

 photo cinef1_zps416fbb57.jpg

 photo cinef2_zps7e388168.jpg

Here is the continuation of the "Thumb's Up" review...

 photo cinef3_zps1f62b764.jpg

 photo cinef4_zps4ea4311a.jpg

...and here is the continuation of the "Thumb's Down" review (also known as the incorrect one).

 photo cinef5_zps27908bd8.jpg

 photo cinef6_zps12f7c1db.jpg

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