Monday, June 9, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
June 23, 1989 Vol. V Issue #103

In the June 23, 1989 issue of Movieline magazine, readers were greeted with a funny and informative interview with Batman director Tim Burton. Burton discusses thing likes his motivation for accepting the project, his stance on comic books, and the ever -changing script in this fantastic three-page article-

 photo movieline1_zpsf7a04ba7.jpg

 photo movieline2_zps5ada7466.jpg

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Also in this issue, a small blurb focusing on the Warner's Batman film versus Fox's ownership of the 60's show... A subject not typically tackled in Batmania '89 articles-

 photo movieline5_zps5c16f392.jpg

Lastly, the magazine also features this full-page theater ad for Batman. Like this? Well, the site will eventually feature a complete archive of the newspaper-style ads, all reproduced from the original advertising slicks. :)

 photo movieline6_zps0cf6ef70.jpg

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