Monday, July 7, 2014

1989 Batman Greek Sticker Set & Album

One of the most frustrating pieces of merchandise related to Batman '89 has to be this sticker set released in Greece. Comprised of a whopping 175 stickers (plus an album to house them), the set seems to be an exercise in contradictions. On the one hand, the quality of this release makes it seem like a bootleg item. The print quality is often very poor, there is no rhyme or reason to the numerical organization, and images are occasionally used for more than one sticker. On the other hand though, quite a few of the stickers feature rarely seen images, such as staging miniatures and alternate shots. Finding such gems packed into a set that obviously didn't have much effort behind it is pretty surprising...

The other headache involved in these is trying to complete a set. Packing collation for this release was absolutely atrocious. A full box of the Greek Batman stickers yields 100 packs, with each pack containing 2 stickers. Since the set only contains 175 stickers, logic would seem to dictate that a buyer would get a full set (or at least close to a full set) out of one box. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. The majority of each box is often filled with duplicates, with even individual packs often containing 2 of the same sticker! Many stickers only pop up once in every 4 or 5 boxes... Which I'm sure has lead to many frustrated collectors out there. Hopefully this post can help you out!

Presented here are 173 out of the 175 stickers available, all at their original size. If you collect this set like me, please feel free to save the images you need and print them out to help complete your collection. After years of collecting and trading myself, I am still 2 shy of a full set. If anyone out there has stickers #23 or #128, please shoot me an e-mail at James@1989 so we can complete this archive! *UPDATE!* Thanks to fans Etre-phone Home & John Delfinis, sticker #128 has now been added to this post! Thanks guys... We are now just 1 sticker away!

 photo 1_zps55e3a6f1.jpg

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 photo 172_zps58eecb70.jpg

 photo 173_zpscc1539a0.jpg

 photo 174_zpsab0a276e.jpg

 photo 175_zps0b2f9b5f.jpg

Inexplicably, stickers 113 & 138 also pop in packs sans their number. In their place are random bits of Greek text. 2 examples of this are shown below. If any readers out there are fluent in Greek and wish to translate, please leave a comment down below!

 photo unnumbered1_zpsad83c8b5.jpg

 photo unnumbered2_zps11940099.jpg

An album to house the collection was also available in Greece. For the most part, this album consists of a bunch of numbered squares on which to apply your stickers. I didn't bother to include those pages here since there is no accompanying text. To save time, I just scanned the front and back covers, as well as the introductory & closing pages which feature the only text in the album. again- If anyone wishes to translate these, please comment below!

 photo album1_zps52235ed3.jpg

 photo album2_zps68eeb65f.jpg

 photo album3_zpsce17b17d.jpg

 photo album4_zps871e2b62.jpg


  1. I can traslate the Greek in the last 2 Batman logo stickers:

    1: With this card and 100 drachmas (Greek currency at the time) you win a fantastic
    Batman cockade value of 300 drachmas.

    2: With this card and with 1500 drachmas you win a fantastic
    Batman sweatshirt value of 3000 drachmas

  2. Also the last picture says:


    Thousand gifts





    And in the right paragraph they say that if you collect all the stickers from the album
    you can win a trip to USA with a parent or guardian and you will visit the warner bros studios were you can visit all the sets from the movie or you can choose to go in Disneyland with all expensives paid from their company.


  3. Some really cool behind-the-scenes pics in this set. I am really digging the cathedral set piece pic from sticker #24.

  4. Let me translate it.. Btw I am Greek and I am very surprised you posted memorabilia that was released in Greece. That makes me even more nostalgic...

    "Batman is the king of the night. An imposing man, fearless punisher that every night dons his black cape, covers his face with a black mask and starts his campaign/dash (i don't know which one is right), in the oppressive city of Gotham, through a wild hunt against crime.
    At day-time he is Bruce Wayne, a sweet-talking (this had me laughing) philanthropist multi-millionaire whom as a 9 year old saw his rich parents get murdered.
    Desperate, he decides to dedicate his life battling the "evil", and when he grows up and inherits his huge fortune he starts hunting crime.
    Everything related to Batman is as black as the darkness that moves in the night, his suit makes him look like a supernatural bat.
    He is the "bat man". His weapon is fear. His suit makes his enemies scarred still.
    Against him is the deadly enemy of the Knight of the night (LOL), the evil Joker, a criminal deformed from an accident with a white face and green hair. The man who laughs while destroying everything, a paranoid killer that gets entertained by his crimes.
    Batman and Joker. The good and the evil. Two great forces that clash and in between them the photojournalist Vicky Vale that is tenderly in love with Batman.

    Our little friends,
    Complete the album to watch the rich action of Batman
    and win generous gifts."

    Page 2

    "A new big production of hundreds of millions of dollars from Warner Bros, brings back to life in a modern version, the beloved "good" hero Batman or Bat of the children all over the world (wtf?!)
    with Michael Keaton in the role of Batman, an insurmountable Jack Nicholson in the role of the "evil" Joker, and Kim Basinger in the role of a curious photojournalist.
    That production breaks all box office records everywhere.

    Dear Friends,
    Try to complete the album to win great special gifts. There aren't any rare numbers. BMX Batman bikes and a fantastic trip to America (means a free trip to DisneyWorld) wait for you."
    The rest is the rules of the competition and the address where you could send the album complete with all the stickers so that you win the prize.
    What impresses me is a) the dude who wrote that didn't know much about Batman. He gets very repetitive. b) we changed the way we talk A LOT in 25 years... "sweet-talking philanthropist" LOL