Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Comics Scene"
Issue #7

Issue #7 of Comics Scene magazine offered a triple-threat of content for the Batman fan...

 photo cscene1_zps03196887.jpg

First up, an interview with Batman co-creator Bob Kane! Though the conversation doesn't land on the Burton film all that much, the article does offer some interesting bits here: Kane cops to tracing other's art, gives at least some credit to Bill Finger, and admits to having "ghost artists" over the years-

 photo cscene2_zps7287bc68.jpg

 photo cscene3_zpsf3b13433.jpg

 photo cscene4_zps956a9029.jpg

 photo cscene5_zpsd5c841e5.jpg

 photo cscene6_zps1bb8243b.jpg

 photo cscene7_zps454924a2.jpg

 photo cscene8_zps4b598445.jpg

Next up is this fantastic segment with Batman production designer Anton Furst! Furst's visions for Gotham City, the Batwing, & the Batmobile are all explored over the next few pages-

 photo cscene9_zpsd2752c63.jpg

 photo cscene10_zpsd64ae307.jpg

 photo cscene11_zps5625af33.jpg

 photo cscene12_zps81c925e7.jpg

 photo cscene13_zps8bd838cd.jpg

 photo cscene14_zps7ee92279.jpg

 photo cscene15_zpsf2630c73.jpg

 photo cscene16_zps85d157b4.jpg

Last but certainly not least, Comics Scene checks in with costume designer Bob Ringwood for his take on the Caped Crusader's movie threads-

 photo cscene17_zps046336ee.jpg

 photo cscene18_zpsa0b0294c.jpg

 photo cscene19_zps2e4f72da.jpg


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