Thursday, July 10, 2014

Robin Relics:
"Comics Interview"
Issue #93

Today's "Robin Relics" post comes from Comics Interview Magazine #93. Hot on the heels of their wildly popular Robin mini-series, writer Chuck Dixon & artist Tom Lyle sat down for a couple of fantastic interviews in this issue. Read on to find out how these 2 tackled the task of re-inventing the Robin character in an effort to make him a better fit for possible inclusion in Burton's film universe...

 photo cinterview1_zps19a08a5e.jpg

 photo cinterview2_zps58ba05ad.jpg

 photo cinterview3_zpsb3db53a9.jpg

 photo cinterview4_zpsbb91663b.jpg

 photo cinterview5_zps36be3834.jpg

 photo cinterview6_zps897a11df.jpg

 photo cinterview7_zps7c4fb377.jpg

 photo cinterview8_zpsbf8fc26f.jpg

 photo cinterview9_zps2953143f.jpg

 photo cinterview10_zps85f6d119.jpg

 photo cinterview11_zps264b6edd.jpg

 photo cinterview12_zps4616c72b.jpg

 photo cinterview13_zps8d97819a.jpg

 photo cinterview14_zps7888bad2.jpg

 photo cinterview15_zps298d5dda.jpg

 photo cinterview16_zpsbd8884ce.jpg

 photo cinterview17_zps66c62efc.jpg

 photo cinterview18_zps6a8123f2.jpg

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