Friday, July 18, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Entertainment Weekly"
June 19, 1992

This 1992 issue of Entertainment Weekly not only sports one of my favorite covers of all-time, but also features articles on star Michael Keaton & the designs of Batman Returns! I am particularly fond of the Keaton interview, which includes the description of Keaton being the "host of the Batman franchise". Oh, how I wish he still was...

 photo eweekly1_zps6d731bdb.jpg

 photo eweekly2_zpsbb39737c.jpg

 photo eweekly3_zps89c9461e.jpg

 photo eweekly4_zps3c138228.jpg

 photo eweekly5_zps6e0842c9.jpg

 photo eweekly6_zps2303e6eb.jpg

 photo eweekly7_zps08101be7.jpg

 photo eweekly8_zpse3035fae.jpg

 photo eweekly9_zps70463e96.jpg

 photo eweekly10_zpsa61ad54f.jpg

 photo eweekly11_zpsd208913e.jpg

...Oh, and the issue also includes this blink-and-you'll-miss-it snippet on the merchandising of Batman Returns! Kenner's Laser Batman has gone Hollywood on us!

 photo eweekly12_zps716fae96.jpg

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