Monday, July 21, 2014

Special Feature:
"For Your Consideration..."
The 1989 Batman Academy Award Solicitation Ads

Though it was released during a time when action films were all but ignored at the Oscars, Warner Brothers made a valiant effort in getting Batman recognized during awards time. Presented here are some of the award recognition solicitation ads that ran in Hollywood trade magazines back in '89, covering everything from Best Director to Best Art Direction (which Batman actually won). Please note- While I do have quite a few shown here, there are undoubtedly more of these ads out there, including at least one for Michael Keaton as best actor (which I do have somewhere and will add to the post when it is found). If you happen to have anything not represented in this post, please contact me at so that we can add it to the archive!

 photo awardad2_zpsffb148c1.jpg

 photo awardad1_zps21faecbd.jpg

 photo awardad3_zps6dba79da.jpg

 photo awardad4_zps89812374.jpg

 photo awardad5_zps31d1e006.jpg

 photo awardad6_zps90b66fb9.jpg

 photo awardad_zpsd4df2623.jpg

 photo awardad7_zps9da65335.jpg

 photo awardad8_zps39ab3086.jpg

 photo awardad9_zps0ef3cf68.jpg

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