Friday, August 8, 2014

Special Feature:
Warners Brothers Studio Tour
Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit-
The Costumes

My longtime friend (and owner of the best comic book shops in the Cincinnati area, Queen City Comics) Geoff Hoffman recently got a chance to visit the Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit as part of the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in LA. The exhibit features tons of items from the Batman film franchise- Including of course the 2 best installments, Batman & Batman Returns! :) Geoff was kind enough to take pictures of the exhibit for me to share here at the site. Thanks Geoff! Presented here are shots of the Burton-centric costumes on display, as well as a few shots of costumes from Batman Forever (since I do enjoy Carrey's Riddler and the Robin suit from the film).

 photo batman75th3_zpsde1a8066.jpg

 photo batman75th2_zpsd92d6abc.jpg

 photo batman75th4_zps13b4c8c2.jpg

 photo batman75th1_zps941460c5.jpg

 photo batman75th7_zps74c1b2fa.jpg

 photo batman75th9_zps3f7e4ddd.jpg

 photo batman75th8_zpsb8b01911.jpg

 photo batman75th6_zpsb9ade058.jpg

 photo batman75th5_zpsff343932.jpg

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  1. Yes. I loved Val Kilmer's portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever. He made the best interpretation of The Dark Knight, and Jim Carrey was a hilarious Riddler.