Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Merchandise Spotlight:
Warner Bros. Catalog
1990 Winter Edition

Time to stuff those Bat-stockings! While the Winter 1990 Edition of Warner Brothers' catalog wasn't all the different from the 1989 Holiday version (previously posted HERE), there are a couple of changes that I figure make it worth posting. There is of course the new cover, and a new page highlighting the AWESOME NES video game (check out that cool image of Batman in front of his 8-Bit displays!). We also get a sold-out notation for the bronze Batman sculpture from Kent Melton (which quickly ran through its 250 pieces). Just as in previous entries, I've only included the Batman related pages in this posting... since that is all that really matters, isn't it? :)

 photo warner1990catalog1_zps1ac9ebd4.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog2_zpsdc0166e0.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog3_zps3dc0847b.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog4_zps30ff75b6.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog5_zpsa4e35fd1.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog6_zps6f24a643.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog7_zps8a39afdd.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog8_zps636d80ed.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog9_zpse7640809.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog10_zps94eea8f4.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog11_zps5fff888a.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog12_zps90154f91.jpg

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