Friday, August 15, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Motor Trend"
July 1989

Ladies & Gentleman, allow me to present the only car magazine I have ever purchased. :) This issue of Motor Trend magazine features a fun little article on the Batman '89 Batmobile. Presented at first as a piece on a real car being designed for an American businessman named "Mr. Wayne", the article finishes off with some legitimate info from the car's proud papas: Anton Furst, Terry Ackland-Snow, & John Evans. Enjoy!

 photo motortrend1_zpsc4f288c4.jpg

 photo motortrend2_zps24f06472.jpg

 photo motortrend3_zpsfdd62fd1.jpg

 photo motortrend4_zps15206f2f.jpg

 photo motortrend_zpsa9c23f87.jpg

Oh...and for you 60's Bat-fans, I am also included this brief segment on the Barris Batmobile also featured in this issue:

 photo motortrend6_zps5b99f7b9.jpg

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