Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Special Feature:
The Batman 1989 Production Still Gallery
Part 6- The Batmobile & Batwing

Fellow fan Thorsten Lehmann and I recently acquired a rather large collection of fantastic imagery created during the filming of Batman '89. Much of this imagery consists of still photography created for publicizing the film. These images appeared in trade articles, merchandise like the Topps card set & movie souvenir magazine, and in video packages like the Warner Preview video. Some images from the collection you may have seen before (perhaps not with such clarity), while others appear to be unpublished up to this point. :)

Since there are a LARGE number of images, I thought it best to break them down into related sections. Today's post features images of the Batman's preferred methods of travel: The Batmobile & Batwing. :) Enjoy!

 photo batwingonfilm1_zpsbcec7d8e.jpg

 photo batwingonfilm2_zps8fedc18b.jpg

 photo batwingonfilm3_zps559b8fe9.jpg

 photo batwingonfilm4_zps03b2be06.jpg

 photo batwingdetails1_zpseb8950e7.jpg

 photo batwingdetails2_zps5248b660.jpg

 photo batwingdetails3_zps8473fe2d.jpg

 photo batwingdetails4_zps33ce8f80.jpg

 photo batwingdetails5_zpsf9ae66a6.jpg

 photo batmobileonfilm1_zps0550b374.jpg

 photo batmobileonfilm2_zps4e9e63e0.jpg

 photo batmobileonfilm3_zpsf1b12007.jpg

 photo batmobileonfilm4_zpsbadadb8e.jpg

 photo batmobileonfilm5_zpsda732d33.jpg

 photo batmobileonfilm6_zpsdba2af1e.jpg

 photo batmobileconstruction1_zpsfecc3d8d.jpg

 photo batmobileconstruction2_zpsfb70bc4e.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot1_zpsc92f4911.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot2_zps8f6f318d.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot3_zpsbe77b9c7.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot4_zps3b70f836.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot5_zps7ab89580.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot6_zps735c9f33.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot7_zps67f145be.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot8_zps92e73012.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot9_zps204a96be.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot10_zps5b2f84d9.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot11_zps53f97484.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot12_zps907fdd06.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot13_zps22d803e5.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot14_zps0843f999.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot15_zps5efe4f8e.jpg

 photo batmobilepressshot16_zps7ec9dc9c.jpg

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