Sunday, October 26, 2014

Merchandise Spotlight:
8-Bit Video Game Tribute NES Batman
NECA Reel Toys 7" Figure

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Pictorial Review:

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TO ORDER YOUR OWN VIDEO GAME TRIBUTE BATMAN, CLICK HERE: Order Batman 1989 Video Game Batman Action Figure!

UPDATE! For those wondering what the head sculpt looks like under the mask, I took a few pics while getting one ready for customization. :) Unlike the 18", the head sculpt is only fully formed in the face area. The back of the head features a notch to keep the cowl in place. Please note- The cowl is not meant to be removed under normal circumstances! Doing so could result in damage!

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  1. Great Stuff. I a big fan of Batman, specially the 1989 one directed by Tim Burton. I also have a blog dedicated to the Dark Night that you can check it here Keep the the good work and stay awesome

  2. This is one hell of a great looking figure. Fantastic review as always man.

  3. Please tell me if it's possible to remove the purple paint, eg. using nail polisher remover. I know it was cast in a dark blue plastic. Thanks.

  4. Hi, im interested in customising one of these. How did you remove the cowl/mask from the head?