Monday, November 3, 2014

Special Feature:
The Batman 1989 Production Still Gallery
Part 7- Sets & Props

Fellow fan Thorsten Lehmann and I recently acquired a rather large collection of fantastic imagery created during the filming of Batman '89. Much of this imagery consists of still photography created for publicizing the film. These images appeared in trade articles, merchandise like the Topps card set & movie souvenir magazine, and in video packages like the Warner Preview video. Some images from the collection you may have seen before (perhaps not with such clarity), while others appear to be unpublished up to this point. :)

Since there are a LARGE number of images, I thought it best to break them down into related sections. Today's post features imagery of the sets & props seen in the film. We'll start off with the set photos- from early staging models & shooting miniatures to fully constructed sets & real locations!

Early planning & staging models-

 photo miniaturegotham1_zpsfe2de9d7.jpg

 photo miniaturegotham2_zps3ffac972.jpg

 photo miniaturegotham3_zpse889b13e.jpg

 photo miniaturegotham4_zpsd3baae44.jpg

 photo miniaturegotham5_zpsfaaf3ca3.jpg

 photo miniaturecathedral1_zpsd3cb5d3b.jpg

 photo miniaturecathedral2_zps7c7d62d2.jpg

 photo miniaturecathedral3_zps0a914670.jpg

 photo minaturebatcave1_zps1057ab31.jpg

 photo miniaturebatcave2_zps95511dde.jpg

Monarch Theatre-

 photo monarch_zps3dff4419.jpg

 photo gothampark1_zps35c0cfd4.jpg

Gotham City Hall-

 photo cityhall1_zps9df04895.jpg

 photo cityhall2_zpsfb994bd0.jpg

 photo cityhall3_zps30d6c174.jpg

 photo cityhall4_zps388b8e1a.jpg

Axis Chemicals-

 photo axis1_zps1b133c2a.jpg

 photo axis2_zps700c0b2c.jpg

 photo axis4_zps2568b9dd.jpg

 photo axis3_zpsc13a2076.jpg

 photo axis5_zpsf60180b8.jpg

 photo axis6_zps07322d0d.jpg

 photo axis7_zps3091fa97.jpg

 photo axis8_zpseb306d2f.jpg

 photo axis9_zps79fef650.jpg

 photo axis10_zps6ac82812.jpg

Flugelheim Museum-

 photo flugelheimexterior1_zpsf3408435.jpg

 photo flugelheiminterior1_zps9988841d.jpg

 photo flugelheiminterior2_zpsa517305f.jpg

Wayne Manor-

 photo waynemanor1_zps0fbba612.jpg

 photo waynemanor2_zps4a4ba245.jpg

The Cathedral-

 photo cathedralbuild1_zpsc9cb0247.jpg

 photo cathedralbuild2_zps09dedb7a.jpg

 photo cathedralsteps2_zps3a7e338f.jpg

 photo cathedralsteps1_zpsea702b64.jpg

 photo cathedralbellcrash1_zpsbf669de9.jpg

 photo cathedralbellcrash2_zpsefb693e1.jpg

 photo cathedralbellcrash3_zps74e10ba1.jpg

 photo cathedralbelltower1_zps926f57da.jpg

 photo cathedralbelltower2_zps1762258d.jpg

 photo cathedralbelltower3_zpsacf91753.jpg

 photo cathedralbelltower4_zps3b3c96d2.jpg

And we'll follow that up with a closer look at some of the fantastic props used in the film: Jokers weaponry, Wayne's hall of armor, and Batman's arsenal!


 photo gcprbadge1_zps051dc5c8.jpg

Joker's Parade Float & Balloons-

 photo paradeballoon1_zpsd068c8f7.jpg

 photo paradeballoon2_zps7336abb5.jpg

 photo paradebaloon3_zps22384c16.jpg

 photo paradebaloon4_zpsce3a207c.jpg

 photo paradefloat1_zps5da9218b.jpg

 photo paradefloat2_zps21043254.jpg

 photo paradefloat3_zps09d05873.jpg

The Wayne Armory-

 photo waynearmory1_zps35e39088.jpg

 photo waynearmory2_zps8ec276eb.jpg

 photo waynearmory3_zps62ecb3be.jpg

 photo waynearmory4_zps516c87cc.jpg

 photo waynearmory5_zpsc33cc37f.jpg

Joker's Weaponry-

 photo jokergun1_zps423163cd.jpg

 photo jokergun2_zps5e52a8eb.jpg

 photo jokerjoybuzzer_zps91b0034d.jpg

This last batch of pics features up-close shots of Batman's various tools of the trade. Many of these items were not seen in the final film and are known more from their appearances in licensed merchandise, such as the Topps Trading Cards and Movie Souvenir Magazine. However... One unused prop appears to be shown here fully for the first time!

The Batarang-

 photo batarsenalbatarang1_zps4a08ec3a.jpg

The Gauntlet-

 photo batarsenalgauntlet1_zps6a97fb38.jpg

 photo batarsenalgauntlet2_zps3c35bbbf.jpg

 photo batarsenalgauntlet3_zps59ef0662.jpg

The Grapple/ Spear Gun-

 photo batarsenalgrapple1_zpsd7de74fb.jpg

 photo batarsenalgrapple2_zps7819ecb2.jpg

Smoke Pellet-

 photo batarsenalpellet_zpsb380dbfb.jpg

The Time Bomb-

 photo batarsenaltimebomb1_zpsb70b6ef8.jpg

 photo batarsenaltimebomb2_zpsabab6753.jpg

The Handset & Tracer-

 photo batarsenaltracer1_zpsb64f7d2e.jpg

 photo batarsenaltracer2_zps30d472dc.jpg

The Mystery Device-

These last few pictures were included in the same sequence as all of Batman's other weaponry. Unlike many of the other unused props, this last device has rarely shown up in any licensed materials. The only evidence of its existence seems to be the Japanese version of the official movie book, entitled the "Perfect Album". The book shows one side shot of the device, with some sort of notation below.

 photo book1_zps7c8d88c5.jpg

 photo book2_zps773a8baa.jpg

 photo book3_zpsce6eeae5.jpg

I unfortunately cannot read Japanese, so I am not sure what the device is described as. Bat-fan Ryan Fassett has pointed out that the shape of the device makes it seem to be a gas mask of some sort... But without a translation (or confirmation from prop master John Evans himself), I can't confirm that. For now, enjoy these perhaps previously unseen views of the item while we await confirmation. (Special thanks to Nick Derington & Ryan Fassett for their help on this).

 photo batarsenalunknown1_zps6496d7ce.jpg

 photo batarsenalunknown2_zps0a3f4233.jpg

 photo batarsenalunknown3_zps622dd276.jpg

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  1. Awesome photos indeed. Some of the best Batman '89 pictures I could find on the whole inter-web. Why are they such low resolution though? Always wanted to try my had and 3d modelling the old 89 batcave, and some of these photos help with the general positioning of things... but since they are so small... I can only guesstimate :(