Thursday, October 9, 2014

Special Feature:
The Batman 1989 Production Still Gallery
Part 5- Vicki Vale & Alexander Knox

Fellow fan Thorsten Lehmann and I recently acquired a rather large collection of fantastic imagery created during the filming of Batman '89. Much of this imagery consists of still photography created for publicizing the film. These images appeared in trade articles, merchandise like the Topps card set & movie souvenir magazine, and in video packages like the Warner Preview video. Some images from the collection you may have seen before (perhaps not with such clarity), while others appear to be unpublished up to this point. :)

Since there are a LARGE number of images, I thought it best to break them down into related sections. Today's post features images of the intrepid duo of journalists hot on Batman's trail- Alexander Knox & Vicki Vale. :) Enjoy!

 photo knoxandvick01_zps0a9e0542.jpg

 photo knoxandvick02_zpsb80f837a.jpg

 photo knoxandvick03_zpsf1a3c1b7.jpg

 photo knoxandvick04_zps67fcf6d6.jpg

 photo knoxandvick05_zps41014902.jpg

 photo knoxandvick06_zps0557910b.jpg

 photo knoxandvick07_zpsd2c2b78b.jpg

 photo knoxandvick08_zps491d06d8.jpg

 photo knoxandvick10_zpsd06ab233.jpg

 photo knoxandvick11_zpsee114c30.jpg

 photo knoxandvick12_zps9039263e.jpg

 photo knoxandvick13_zps0d929403.jpg

 photo knoxandvick14_zpsfb333ae1.jpg

 photo knoxandvick15_zps71bdb677.jpg

 photo knoxandvick16_zps749e9433.jpg

 photo knoxandvick17_zpse1966522.jpg

 photo knoxandvick18_zpsbe17270f.jpg

 photo knoxandvick19_zps42321f12.jpg

 photo knoxandvick20_zps681ad68d.jpg

 photo knoxandvick21_zps4fc6b8af.jpg

 photo knoxandvick22_zps5916cee2.jpg

 photo knoxandvick23_zpsea7f79f1.jpg

 photo knoxandvick24_zpsf0a00d10.jpg

 photo knoxandvick25_zps85f380c0.jpg

 photo knoxandvick26_zpsfa95f07d.jpg

 photo knoxandvick27_zpsbfc4d9d2.jpg

 photo knoxandvick28_zpsa435020d.jpg

 photo knoxandvick29_zps1e75d44b.jpg

 photo knoxandvick30_zpsa79ed567.jpg

 photo knoxandvick31_zps0e42d27a.jpg

 photo knoxandvick32_zpse12ab29b.jpg

Saving the best for last this time... Here are a couple of shots from the "Knox is Batman" deleted scene which would have taken place at the end of the film. This scene is often remembered from the comic book adaptation of the movie. After Batman descends from the cathedral battle, he quickly tosses his cloak over an unconscious Knox. Batman quickly makes his escape, leaving Knox to be discovered beneath the cape by Commissioner Gordon-

 photo knoxandvick33_zps636d77bf.jpg

 photo knoxandvick34_zpsb345ee01.jpg

 photo knoxandvick35bw_zps57820051.jpg

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