Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
August 1992

When it comes to in-depth articles about the making of Batman Returns, it doesn't get much better than the August 1992 issue of Prevue magazine. Broken into 7 parts, the write-up includes info on just about every facet of production- Early script treatments, cast interviews, set design, stunt breakdowns, & much more! Truly one of the best articles out there for the stunning sequel...

 photo prevuebr1_zps7a4ee3ba.jpg

 photo prevuebr2_zps05b9b765.jpg

 photo prevuebr3_zpsd3209335.jpg

 photo prevuebr4_zpsd406edf5.jpg

 photo prevuebr5_zps0827967d.jpg

 photo prevuebr6_zps006390ca.jpg

 photo prevuebr7_zps21b083e3.jpg

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