Sunday, November 30, 2014

Merchandise Spotlight:
Batman (The New Batman Adventures)
DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Figure #01

*Yes, I know this isn't Batman '89 related... but just like the Animated Style Guides posted here, I feel like Batman the Animated Series truly is the offspring of the Burton films- Enough so that featuring reviews of DC Collectibles' brand new 6" figure line here makes sense to me. :)

 photo tnbabatman25_zps245cd358.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo tnbabatman4_zpsea9bbb85.jpg

 photo tnbabatman44_zpse57732f8.jpg

 photo tnbabatman42_zps1dc0b47e.jpg

 photo tnbabatman43_zps37c2bc78.jpg

 photo tnbabatman41_zps279751f4.jpg

 photo tnbabatman40_zps538ca3e5.jpg

 photo tnbabatman39_zps73bf9972.jpg

 photo tnbabatman23_zps4972e8f6.jpg

 photo tnbabatman24_zpsff072819.jpg

 photo tnbabatman38_zps5a682b00.jpg

 photo tnbabatman37_zps0a093982.jpg

 photo tnbabatman36_zps7f8659cf.jpg

 photo tnbabatman28_zps3425d2aa.jpg

 photo tnbabatman35_zpsf797147c.jpg

 photo tnbabatman34_zpsa370b745.jpg

 photo tnbabatman32_zps85655a87.jpg

 photo tnbabatman33_zps71d42e24.jpg  photo tnbabatman31_zps9acf5a92.jpg

 photo tnbabatman30_zpsf2132a54.jpg

 photo tnbabatman29_zps9ddc8198.jpg

 photo tnbabatman27_zpsea9f11ea.jpg

 photo tnbabatman14_zps724812c0.jpg

 photo tnbabatman7_zps7b0db8e1.jpg

 photo tnbabatman1_zpsec8b3b5c.jpg

 photo tnbabatman22_zpsd8cf3518.jpg

 photo tnbabatman21_zps31e2e5ee.jpg

 photo tnbabatman20_zpsbe9a686d.jpg

 photo tnbabatman26_zpsd927ba80.jpg

 photo tnbabatman18_zps2aaa4be9.jpg

 photo tnbabatman19_zps319ab6a4.jpg

 photo tnbabatman17_zps75d60622.jpg

 photo tnbabatman46_zps828a054f.jpg

 photo tnbabatman45_zpsc5a4c365.jpg

 photo tnbabatman47_zpsc33cb112.jpg

 photo tnbabatman48_zps32fc3fea.jpg

 photo tnbabatman49_zps85d8471e.jpg

 photo tnbabatman9_zps570118e5.jpg

 photo tnbabatman10_zpsfa6ff758.jpg

 photo tnbabatman11_zps7bf3a0af.jpg

 photo tnbabatman8_zps935c6812.jpg

 photo tnbabatman13_zpsab4ab8d6.jpg

 photo tnbabatman12_zps7337b83b.jpg

 photo tnbabatman16_zpsfe9f4ef4.jpg

 photo tnbabatman15_zpsb0aa3f2b.jpg

 photo tnbabatman2_zps2fe94cb3.jpg

 photo tnbabatman5_zpscdfc3f8a.jpg

 photo tnbabatman6_zps920c3c7f.jpg

 photo tnbabatman3_zps6b974633.jpg

To order this figure, head here: DC Collectibles Batman Animated 6" Batman The New Batman Adventures Figure


  1. What is the source of the other black figures in this pic?

  2. Great review and gallery. I think this figure looks great, but I am really looking forward to the classic BTAS figure.

  3. It looks okay, but not a huge improvement from the original Kenner figure you have up there. The joints are distracting to look at, but maybe that's just me. It'll be more interesting to see what the inevitable 'original' Animated Batman looks like, as that's the more iconic look for the animated character (despite him using the TNBA look all the way up through Justice League).

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