Monday, November 24, 2014

Special Feature:
The Batman 1989 Production Still Gallery
Part 9- The Batman

Fellow fan Thorsten Lehmann and I recently acquired a rather large collection of fantastic imagery created during the filming of Batman '89. Much of this imagery consists of still photography created for publicizing the film. These images appeared in trade articles, merchandise like the Topps card set & movie souvenir magazine, and in video packages like the Warner Preview video. Some images from the collection you may have seen before (perhaps not with such clarity), while others appear to be unpublished up to this point. :)

Since there are a LARGE number of images, I thought it best to break them down into related sections. This final chapter features images of our titular hero- The Batman... From publicity stills & production shots to deleted scenes & costume tests. :) Enjoy!

 photo publicity1_zpsc82b323a.jpg

 photo publicity2_zpse7c32adc.jpg

 photo publicity3_zpsb724797f.jpg

 photo rooftopreveal1_zps577b08ec.jpg

 photo rooftopreveal2_zps9c06e488.jpg

 photo rooftopreveal3_zpsba2cc0cf.jpg

 photo rooftopreveal4_zps58ffcce8.jpg

 photo rooftopreveal5_zps29c824cb.jpg

 photo rooftopreveal6_zpsdaa762c5.jpg

 photo rooftopreveal7_zpse62c92de.jpg

 photo rooftopreveal8_zps56d5324a.jpg

 photo rooftopreveal9_zps7db9be54.jpg

 photo rooftopreveal10_zps4f0c9970.jpg

 photo axisencounter1_zps8261fe8f.jpg

 photo axisencounter2_zps82cfe851.jpg

 photo axisencounter3_zps31dec147.jpg

 photo axisencounter4_zps7751230e.jpg

 photo flugelheim1_zpscabdeab3.jpg

 photo flugelheim2_zpsc581d841.jpg

 photo flugelheim3_zps8ddc27a5.jpg

 photo flugelheim4_zps0701dc98.jpg

 photo flugelheim5_zps0df1c78f.jpg

 photo flugelheim6_zps4023dfa8.jpg

 photo escapewithvicki1_zps46a34940.jpg

 photo escapewithvicki2_zps1c2dc5e8.jpg

 photo escapewithvicki3_zpsbb39f8ef.jpg

 photo escapewithvicki4_zpsfb9b355e.jpg

 photo escapewithvicki5_zps1e8e158c.jpg

 photo goonstreetfight1_zpsb8a6615f.jpg

 photo goonstreetfight2_zps4c081f09.jpg

 photo goonstreetfight3_zps897c6d0c.jpg

 photo goonstreetfight4_zps4f460486.jpg

 photo goonstreetfight5_zpsdfbb5ebe.jpg

 photo goonstreetfight6_zps2e1db2d4.jpg

 photo goonstreetfight7_zps6c0857ba.jpg

 photo goonstreetfight8_zps4b40bac9.jpg

 photo backatthebatcave1_zps6a199ff3.jpg

 photo backatthebatcave2_zps14e4cd7f.jpg

 photo backatthebatcave3_zps036ee9a0.jpg

 photo backatthebatcave4_zps02710d78.jpg

 photo batwing1_zps183c7ae3.jpg

 photo batwing2_zps2f21e12c.jpg

 photo cathedralfight1_zps9b8f9d41.jpg

 photo cathedralfight2_zpsaa4cabf2.jpg

 photo cathedralfight3_zps1cf92951.jpg

 photo cathedralfight4_zpsd8237e5d.jpg

 photo cathedralfight5_zpsbcc608b0.jpg

 photo cathedralfight6_zpsa5349828.jpg

 photo cathedralfight7_zpsc3c2d694.jpg

 photo cathedralfight8_zpse32335ff.jpg

 photo cathedralfight10_zps3f910d3d.jpg

 photo cathedralfight9_zpse0149555.jpg

 photo cathedralfight11_zps9100bd5c.jpg

 photo cathedralfight12_zpsb4e26d4b.jpg

 photo cathedralfight13_zps80327c9e.jpg

 photo cathedralfight14_zpsd7f3ca79.jpg

 photo cathedralfight15_zpse64d0a97.jpg

 photo cathedralfight16_zps0add6eee.jpg

 photo cathedralfight17_zps054b10b6.jpg

 photo cathedralfight18_zpsffd4097f.jpg

 photo cathedralfight19_zpsd8308776.jpg

 photo cathedralfight20_zps83f9cb5c.jpg

 photo cathedralfight21_zps14a3756c.jpg

 photo cathedralfight22_zpsfe2d4c0c.jpg

 photo cathedralfight23_zps790affba.jpg

 photo cathedralfight24_zpsdd1079ee.jpg

 photo suittest1_zpsa1954c78.jpg

 photo suittest2_zps3921082a.jpg

 photo suittest3_zps33393e0f.jpg

 photo suittest4_zps8c5fb991.jpg

 photo suittest5_zpse5338d55.jpg

 photo suittest6_zps3c4c0fc7.jpg

 photo suittest7_zpscde4d610.jpg

 photo suittest8_zps2d8b7d89.jpg

 photo suittest9_zps3c5eec0b.jpg

 photo suittest10_zpsd3c2ef82.jpg

...Thus concludes the 1989 Batman Production Still Gallery! Hope you enjoyed this last bit of 25th Anniversary celebratory goodness. And if you're still yearning for more of these production stills... Well, the Christmas season is right around the corner. Bet you can't guess my favorite holiday movie. :)

 photo brsneak_zpse0db6f68.jpg


  1. Oh boy-
    Easily the most significant collection of rare stills I've seen of Keaton's Bat in aeons. Some awesome shots here but who is the stand-in modelling the costume in the last few? I'm sure Bat-costumers will thank you for the level of detail on display here. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Great stuff. But since you have wisely watermarked every still why don't you scan these in higher quality? We dont use them for commercial reasons, a decent wallpaper or printing quality for our collections is all we ask :)

    1. I went over this a few times with you when you complained about the size on Facebook... I am sorry you are not happy with what is presented here. Part of the deal in getting them was that they be watermarked and published at a smaller size to protect the owner's originals. We paid our own money into getting what is shown here so that all fans could check them out, asking nothing in return. Again though... sorry we weren't able to give you something better.