Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merchandise Spotlight:
Batman (1989 Movie Version)
25th Anniversary Blu-Ray Bundle Pack
NECA 7" Figure

 photo neca89bat15_zpsce96e479.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo neca89bat40_zpsdbee9e3a.jpg

 photo neca89bat10_zpsdd089d22.jpg

 photo neca89bat9_zpsf1bc54b3.jpg

 photo neca89bat8_zpsc61e49da.jpg

 photo neca89bat7_zps77d9dd25.jpg

 photo neca89bat6_zpsfc5302e0.jpg

 photo neca89bat5_zpsb4a4cc3c.jpg

 photo neca89bat3_zpsb4dcdfda.jpg

 photo neca89bat4_zps65351688.jpg

 photo neca89bat34_zpsa4c19f1a.jpg

 photo neca89bat33_zps6c122c9e.jpg

 photo neca89bat32_zps13917755.jpg

 photo neca89bat31_zps3a69d187.jpg

 photo neca89bat28_zpsf2104416.jpg

 photo neca89bat14_zps20b65ea9.jpg

 photo neca89bat13_zps40d0063f.jpg

 photo neca89bat12_zpsc0dc8266.jpg

 photo neca89bat27_zps32596e86.jpg

 photo neca89bat25_zpsd45797aa.jpg

 photo neca89bat26_zps1c1efc85.jpg

 photo neca89bat24_zps25a94587.jpg

 photo neca89bat23_zps0b3d5561.jpg

 photo neca89bat22_zps0d9762ef.jpg

 photo neca89bat21_zpse89c2d55.jpg

 photo neca89bat38_zps5dccb290.jpg

 photo neca89bat37_zps744af9b4.jpg

 photo neca89bat36_zps39e24214.jpg

 photo neca89bat35_zps5a4f3adc.jpg

 photo neca89bat17_zpsb51c3217.jpg

 photo neca89bat16_zpsf46f816b.jpg

 photo neca89bat18_zps24b2129d.jpg

 photo neca89bat1_zpsb2a31eca.jpg

 photo neca89bat20_zpsdec04738.jpg

 photo neca89bat19_zps4d1255d1.jpg

 photo neca89bat2_zps357ae5ef.jpg

 photo neca89bat54_zps2aed22b9.jpg

 photo neca89bat42_zpsdd8166fc.jpg

 photo neca89bat48_zpse475375e.jpg

 photo neca89bat50_zpsc7db92e7.jpg

 photo neca89bat47_zpscdb236f3.jpg

 photo neca89bat51_zpsd0f78245.jpg

 photo neca89bat11_zpsde7a3715.jpg

 photo neca89bat49_zps461ff865.jpg

 photo neca89bat52_zpscabf57ba.jpg

 photo neca89bat53_zpsabdef990.jpg

 photo neca89bat56_zpse3472fcd.jpg

 photo neca89bat29_zps540c5483.jpg

 photo neca89bat39_zps118552a3.jpg

 photo neca89bat30_zpsb702c58b.jpg

 photo neca89bat41_zps464ab33c.jpg

 photo neca89bat45_zpsf9e67204.jpg

 photo neca89bat44_zpsa6af8fce.jpg

 photo neca89bat46_zpsa9fd5770.jpg

 photo neca89bat43_zps1c9d83a3.jpg

 photo neca89bat55_zpsb76d68fe.jpg


  1. Hey, I'm a big fan of your site, and I've been looking forward to this review! I knew it was coming!

    I was 11 years old when I saw Batman on opening day way back in '89, and I've been waiting for a figure like this ever since. Thanks to my 6 year old niece who has trouble keeping secrets, I know that my brother got me the figure and Diamond Luxe blu-ray combo as a gift for Christmas. I can hardly wait! I really love the homage to Toy Biz packaging. I may track another down later on to keep mint, but the one I'm getting next week is definitely getting opened.

    Keep up the great work here! This is a great site, and the hard work you out into it definitely shows.

    1. Thank you very much! I always appreciate it when folks take the time to leave a comment here... Really means a lot to me. :)

      I too was 11 when I first saw Batman '89! And it remains as fresh and thrilling today as it felt first viewing it those 25 years ago...

    2. No problem, man! (Celticsfan was my old google name before I changed it to my real name, by the way.)

      And that's a really great custom you did there on the NECA video game figure... reminds me of the old Kenner Iron Winch Batman hanging on my wall. Before this movie accurate figure was announced, I had contacted a customizer about making the video game figure resemble the movie look. He was backed up with requests at the time, but it turned out all right. Judging by your in depth review, I think NECA knocked it out of the park.

      I really like your YouTube videos, too. The one where you first screen Batman 89' for your son was especially cool. It took me back to when I was 11 and my aunt took me to see it on opening day. At the time I was mainly into G.I. Joe, so she had to give me a primer on the mythology before the trailers started. After that day, I was a die-hard fan.

  2. I love this figure. Those photos are fantastic man.

  3. I still can't believe they thought that cowl looked good. The rest of the figure looks great, but the head and cowl are just wonky as can be.

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