Thursday, December 11, 2014

Special Feature:
The Batman Returns Production Still Gallery
Part 4- "The Bat"

Fellow fan Thorsten Lehmann and I recently acquired a rather large collection of fantastic imagery created during the filming of Batman '89 & Batman Returns. Much of this imagery consists of still photography created for publicizing the film. These images appeared in trade articles, merchandise like the Topps card set & movie souvenir magazine, and in video packages like the Warner Preview video. Some images from the collection you may have seen before (perhaps not with such clarity), while others appear to be unpublished up to this point. :)

Since there are a LARGE number of images, I thought it best to break them down into related sections. Today's batch of Batman Returns imagery focuses on "The Bat"... Which I guess gives the away the names of the remaining 2 posts. Not a lot here this time around, but I do love the shots of an early version of the Returns' Bat-suit!

 photo batcave2_zps8bc45e63.jpg

 photo batcave1_zps6432c4f9.jpg

 photo batmobile1_zps2a08b882.jpg

 photo batsuit3_zpsddb9e7de.jpg

 photo batsuit4_zps29278ec0.jpg

 photo batsuit1_zps83fe4232.jpg

 photo batsuit2_zps31f8cee0.jpg

 photo batcowls1_zps554178de.jpg

 photo batboot1_zps495214ca.jpg

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