Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
July 1992

Today's vintage magazine article post comes from the July '92 issue of Movieline! Front cover subject Danny DeVito gets a lengthy interview in this issue, with a good chunk devoted (of course) to his time as that squawking sycophant- The Penguin! (Note- I have trimmed down the article to just the bits focusing on Batman Returns... hope you guys don't mind.)

 photo movieline1_zpsde1b2fbb.jpg

 photo movieline2_zps8e1fd5db.jpg

 photo movieline3_zpscfac9657.jpg

 photo movieline4_zps7b59df9c.jpg

 photo movieline5_zps220ec6d6.jpg

As an added bonus, this issue also features a small interview with Vincent Schiavelli- who portrayed Penguin's loyal Organ Grinder in the film!

 photo movieline6_zpsaca40e2c.jpg

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