Thursday, December 4, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Fantazone" Issue #26
Summer 1992

With the holiday season upon us, expect a lot of posts related to my favorite Christmas movie... Batman Returns! Up today- All the Batman-related articles from the 26th issue of Fantazone magazine! While the front cover only promises "making of" info on Batman Returns, the interior includes a plethora of Bat-content, including a look at the Dark Knight's first 50 years, a retrospective on Tim Burton, and an interview with Batman Returns scribe Daniel Waters. Enjoy!

 photo fantazone1_zps2b5aa051.jpg

 photo fantazone2_zpsff03cbbf.jpg

 photo fantazone3_zps11d18265.jpg

 photo fantazone4_zpsb971d232.jpg

 photo fantazone5_zps249f311b.jpg

 photo fantazone6_zpsc68558ca.jpg

 photo fantazone7_zpsff5be41f.jpg

 photo fantazone8_zpsd5866159.jpg

 photo fantazone9_zps69a3700b.jpg

 photo fantazone10_zps52f6aa5e.jpg

 photo fantazone11_zps7bf4d92c.jpg

 photo fantazone12_zps16aa90b2.jpg

 photo fantazone13_zps167cf331.jpg

 photo fantazone14_zps395e0669.jpg

 photo fantazonemissing1_zps30ec4b25.jpg

 photo fantazonemissing2_zps8850e61d.jpg

 photo fantazone15_zps3707226d.jpg

 photo fantazone16_zpsb48e6fb2.jpg

 photo fantazone17_zpsdc835fa2.jpg

 photo fantazone18_zpsbd4c4453.jpg

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