Monday, January 5, 2015

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Starburst" Issue #168
August 1992

Another Batman Returns article from Britain's Premier Science Fiction Magazine for you today! Things start off a little rocky with a negative take on the film from writer Michael Courtland (I of course disagree with his assessment, just as I did with his opinion of Batman '89). Once you plow through that, we get into the real reason to buy this issue... The "Batman Returns Role-Call" feature continues the in-depth look at the film started in issue #167. This time around, we git bits on Batman's weaponry, Penguin's Penguins, and interviews with some of the supporting cast! Enjoy!

 photo starburstbr1_zps8c8cad08.jpg

 photo starburstbr2_zps4533c346.jpg

 photo starburstbr3_zps8ea1346c.jpg

 photo starburstbr4_zps42e99894.jpg

 photo starburstbr5_zps703cff9d.jpg

 photo starburstbr6_zps63a26298.jpg

 photo starburstbr7_zpsc1dc6986.jpg

 photo starburstbr8_zps15bd99f4.jpg

 photo starburstbr9_zps0a67fb38.jpg

 photo starburstbr10_zps3258a48a.jpg

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