Thursday, March 10, 2016

Special Feature:
The Joker Parade Sequence Storyboards
Part 2

Another special feature brought to you by and Batfan Thorsten Lehmann- The Joker Parade Storyboard Sequence! Over the next few weeks, we will be posting a collection of storyboards detailing an early version the Joker parade float sequence from the film. These storyboards were created from an earlier version of the script and differ quite a bit from what ended up on the big screen.

Since there are a large amount of storyboards for this pivotal scene, the sequence will be broken up across multiple posts. Today's post features Vicki and Knox discovering Joker's hidden plot. Enjoy!

 photo procession18_zpszcypzthu.jpg

 photo procession19_zpsrbamqidg.jpg

 photo procession20_zps1banuvtx.jpg

 photo procession21_zpshylpyxlb.jpg

 photo procession22_zpsxyqsygeh.jpg

 photo procession23_zps4bxc03il.jpg

 photo procession24_zpsrukmw1ik.jpg

 photo procession25_zps95kzjfmo.jpg

 photo procession26_zpssmsulm7i.jpg

 photo procession27_zpsf4nmdsos.jpg

 photo procession28_zps9nrwwhbb.jpg

 photo procession29_zpsbrnrbv0x.jpg

 photo procession30_zpszd325aga.jpg

 photo procession31_zps0ujoizbl.jpg

 photo procession32_zpscsyeanok.jpg

 photo procession33_zpsmluhh997.jpg

 photo procession34_zpso12zctfq.jpg

 photo procession35_zpsiuawmf4d.jpg

 photo procession36_zpsnqs5k5vd.jpg

 photo procession37_zps7svyumkc.jpg

 photo procession38_zpskhxb3tqe.jpg


  1. Awesome! Seems that certain parts would have gone on longer but absolutely loved what we got in the finished film.

    1. Yeah, and one of them had Dick Grayson in them. Tim Burton visit the set of The Lost Boys and asked Kiefer Sutherland to play Robin/Dick Grayson because he saw him in Stand By Me, and Ricky Edison Reed is also on the list to play The Boy Wonder before the character was rejected by Warren Skarren, Charles McGowan, and Jonathan Gems. When the character was about to be used for Batman Returns, Marlon Wayans was cast to play Robin before the character was rejected once again, due to too many characters. Then the character was used finally for the second but last two Batman movies, Chris O'Donnell plays Robin.

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