Friday, March 4, 2016

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Starlog Yearbook"
Vol. 5, 1989

The '89 edition of Starlog Yearbook hits us with a triple-threat of Bat-content. We get a look at some awe-inspiring entries from Starlog's Batman fan contest, a great spotlight on production designer Anton Furst, and a reprint of an earlier article delving into the film's production. Enjoy!

 photo starlogyb1_zpsviabewd8.jpg

 photo starlogyb2_zps9mdlk7uo.jpg

 photo starlogyb3_zpsjtdydyqt.jpg

 photo starlogyb4_zpswirqbazf.jpg

 photo starlogyb5_zpserknmi8d.jpg

 photo starlogyb6_zpsflq53hew.jpg

 photo starlogyb7_zps4hajmmca.jpg

 photo starlogyb8_zpst5crmxuz.jpg

 photo starlogyb9_zpshm4n0dnc.jpg

 photo starlogyb10_zpsllgn3kqu.jpg

 photo starlogyb11_zps3wxjgowc.jpg

 photo starlogyb12_zpsun4hn1qe.jpg

 photo starlogyb13_zpsslr92rqw.jpg


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